Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Autumn blessings

/Navajo silver and turquoise cluster earrings from my private collection.
Photo by Venaya Yazzie
As fall as arrived to the San Juan Valley in northwestern New Mexico, I constantly find myself outdoors. I am in awe of the rapid changes that happen daily along the Animas river where a myriad of ancient and young cottonwood trees 'adorn' the river sides. I took this photo as I was walking with a friend, I love the contrast of colors. Blessings

Monday, October 13, 2014

Indigenous Adornment is my way

Navajo/Hopi Artist Venaya Yazzie

I adorn myself to perpetuate the legacy of my ancestors. I adorn myself for protection and happiness.
I adorn myself to continue Indigenous survival.

Santo Domingo Pueblo-style

Santo Domingo Pueblo-style earring adornemnts
Photo credit Venaya Yazzie 2014
Speaking of Indigenous earring adornments, these pictured earrings are the newest pair I have added to my collection.

Every year, when the annual Northern Navajo Fair rolls around, Shiprock, N.M. becomes a major Indigenous trading hub. It is a divine time, when many of the areas Indigenous tribal people gather at the cultural event to celebrate their unique ways of being. It is a time when I begin my family's tradition of early a.m. trek to the Navajo reservation.

I love the 'hunt' in which I initiate the journey of discovering the most beautiful and unique Indigenous jewelry, and or earrings to add to my collection. Every year I make an effort to look for my Pueblo brothers and sisters who make their cultural jewelry pieces, and every year I find exquisite beauty!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Navajo artist Shonto Begay

Navajo artist Shonto Begay poses with his art.
Photo by Museum of Northern Arizona

Among the plethora of talented Navajo artists is blessed painter Shonto Begay from Shonto, Arizona.

The work that Shonto brings to the world brings blessings to those who view his work.

Poster Hopi Festival of Arts & Culture MNA

Official poster for the annual MNA event.
Photo by Museum of Northern Arizona

The Museum of Northern Arizona located in Flagstaff, Arizona hosts several different Indian Art Markets throughout the summer months including: Zuni Market, Navajo Market and the Hopi Market. And, every year they promote their markets by their wonderful posters. I really like this year's poster which features a young Hopi woman 'adorned' with traditional Pueblo jewelry and face paints.

Hopi man in the 21st century

Hopi man in the 21st century.
Photo via NIWRC
I am speechless as I look as this magnificent photograph, which is used in part for the promotion of the organization called Indian Law, and or NIWRC.

I like this photograph for many reasons, but mainly for the bringing together of the past and the present. As you can see this beautiful young Hopi Pueblo man is dressed in 21st century clothing via is white tee and polo shirt. Yet, he is also 'adorned' in Hopi male regalia. He wears a traditional Pueblo-style headband and a wonderful Pueblo-style necklace which seems to be made of a shell medallion with turquoise and other varied shells.

So beautiful in image and in the message.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Turquoise Vintage

Photo: Internet source
I was able to secure via the Internet from a fellow jewelry enthusiast as myself. I adore this photograph for many reasons, the first being it is a wonderful portrait of hands that I am assuming belong to an Indigenous elder.

The silver and turquoise pieces displayed here seem to be a variety from Pueblo, Zuni and Navajo. Secondly I believe most of the pieces are vintage items with good turquoise.